Goal setting

Do you have a GOAL? Why do you need one?

Because if you have a goal, you have a reason to get up every morning from your bed. It’s much easier to get up and do everything you need and everything you want.

What is the program about?

Imagine yourself as a surfer. In the program, you will find the best wave for yourself, and then you will just ride it. Keeping a little bit balance and taking care of the direction, but otherwise just enjoying your ride, YOUR LIFE.

In case you are interested in it, contact me.

“Before the Goal Setting Program, I was confused about things I want. I felt fragmented. I had several goals, but it was quite difficult to concentrate on them all. During the course, I found the main or most important goal and found out what it contains. I was nicely surprised. Now I know where to go, and this understanding is a resource of peace. I know what I want and what I need for it. I put together obstacles and learned how to cope with them. Now I feel I am a complete/holistic person. I liked the online version of the program. The process continues through personal coaching. I liked working with Janka. Her style is compatible with me: simple explanations, no pressure on one side, and a strong kick on the other side. She manages to lead a person to the point where he or she decides for action. I recommend you to all.“
“Before the course about finding the real goal for this year, I thought that I have quite a good idea what the goal will be, but finally I was astonished that the most important thing was something completely different. Now I have an absolutely clear view of my journey and what steps I have to take to accomplish. That program, as well as Janka herself, gave me a lot of energy. She is a person who can provide you with the feeling of being safe and push you in the right direction. I appreciate the coaching after the course. For me, it´s very important to meet again after some time and look at the steps I have done, and speak about the next steps. During the course, I had several “aha” moments. Although I cooperate with Janka for many years, and she has helped me a lot in my life, I have learned a lot here. You will get here not only tools and instruction on creating a plan, but you will also get support from the experienced person what I see as one of the most important things that I missed with other lecturers. You are not leaving the course with the feeling that you are alone. It´s the opposite way; you have a person whom you can contact in case of crisis. Janka, thanks a lot for everything. If it weren´t for you, I wouldn´t be where I am today. Recommendation for all.“