Do you know how your mind works?

Every experience you ever had is recorded in your mind in part called memory. It is recorded as a movie – a moving picture with all details of what went on, the surroundings, when in the year/day it happened, sensations like temperature, sounds, smells, tastes, touch, and feelings.

And once you get in a similar situation, the memory is activated. It can support you or sabotage you or just make you feel strange. And this is happening even if you don’t recall that particular memory. If the memory supports you, then it’s OK, and you needn’t bother why you feel happy when you smell this or hear that. BUT if the memory makes you feel strange or sabotages you, you would probably like to delete this effect so that you can feel better and do more and bigger things.

This deleting of the effect is precisely what Clearing can do for you – to clear the effect of your memories on your current life.

Do you feel in some area or maybe areas of your life like an ugly duckling? Do you feel overlooked or even pushed away? I can tell you that, according to my 20 years of experience, it can be changed. In all of us, there is a hidden amazing swan. Sometimes the way to it is direct and easy, as it is when the swan cub stays with its mother and is protected all the time and is lead to becoming a beautiful swan. But in other cases, the way is tortuous and full of pain as it was in the fairy tale. Some of us must undergo many adversities and often pain before discovering that they already have become a swan. Some people can discover it by themselves; some need a little push to see it. And all of us need to accept the reality that we are a swan so that we can enjoy it.

Self-development coaching can make the whole process quicker. It can help you to see yourselves as a beautiful swan and enjoy it. If the story of ugly duckling interests you, please, contact me at email

Do you know pretty well that you are a swan, but no matter what you are doing, you can´t fly? It also happens. We are aware of our qualities, and we are proud of them; we know our price. But… there is a small but here – we can´t fully enjoy it because we can´t go up and fly for some reason. Often, we don´t know the reason why we can´t do it. We are seeking, finding something, trying to use it, and it doesn´t work, so we are again seeking. And so it goes on and on. Some of us know the reason, but we are not able to overcome its effect on us. And usually, something small is necessary – several instructions, some tries and … we are flying. Let´s try to go up and enjoy life.

In a safe environment of coaching, you can spread your wings and take off. In case of interest, let me know at

Do you know what you want, but fear has tied your legs? Feel fear is natural. Most of us are afraid of the unknown or being judged by our family, friends, other people. Someone is activated by fear, and others are paralyzed. If you belong to the second group, don´t despair. There is also a way out of this situation. According to my experience and my teachers´ and mentors´ experience, it´s enough to change the environment for a safe one, and suddenly everything starts moving. In safety, we can think, create, feel free, fly. Let yourself feel safe for your dreams, be free.

During coaching, you have the opportunity to feel safe. If that interests you, let me know at

It´s said that life is a team sport. Human doesn´t belong to species that live alone, isolated from others. All of us need contact with others, their support, appreciation. And in case we want to fulfill our dream (big or small), these contacts are even more important. Not only do they give us support and appreciate us for our results, but they give us help – advise or deed or present. At the same time, they comfort us when tough times come, give us the courage to continue. Let´s create the team of your dreams, the team that supports you on your way to your goal.

For detailed information, please write me at

“Before the course about finding the real goal for this year, I thought that I have quite a good idea what the goal will be, but finally I was astonished that the most important thing was something completely different. Now I have an absolutely clear view of my journey and what steps I have to take to accomplish. That program, as well as Janka herself, gave me a lot of energy. She is a person who can provide you with the feeling of being safe and push you in the right direction. I appreciate the coaching after the course. For me, it´s very important to meet again after some time and look at the steps I have done, and speak about the next steps. During the course, I had several “aha” moments. Although I cooperate with Janka for many years, and she has helped me a lot in my life, I have learned a lot here. You will get here not only tools and instruction on creating a plan, but you will also get support from the experienced person what I see as one of the most important things that I missed with other lecturers. You are not leaving the course with the feeling that you are alone. It´s the opposite way; you have a person whom you can contact in case of crisis. Janka, thanks a lot for everything. If it weren´t for you, I wouldn´t be where I am today. Recommendation for all.“