Janka Mendelová


Janka was living a normal childhood till the series of health events at the age of 14. At this time, she completely lost trust in experts in many fields.

She made a decision which has changed her life entirely and forever…

As a result of that decision, she has become healthy and started to live her own life. At the same time, she began to share her experiences and helped others to improve their health, self-confidence, self-esteem and enjoy life in the whole complexity.

In 2019, Janka, together with her newly adopted daughter entered the realm of mutual learning. On one side, a little child who experienced many traumas but is unable to speak about them. On the other side, an adult with many experiences how to cope with adversity. The result – happy developing relationship.

Now, after having taught hundreds of people around the world, Janka established herself as an international coach and trainer.

Janka Mendelová

international coach and trainer