Health Connection Academy

Entrepreneurs who are active connect with me to dissolve their pain in the body so that they can regain free movement in the body.

The way to your freedom of movement is simple if you know the basic formula that enables you to find the root cause of the problem. By understanding the root cause, you can clear it and regain free movement (no pain, full range of movement, stability, strength,…)

Even if the way is simple, it doesn´t mean it´s easy. It requires being open and willing to change the point of view. And you will have to work on it. The more you put in, the more you get from the program.

Do you feel that your body let you down? It doesn´t want to do what you want or doesn´t let you do what you want? This is the most common point of view. Let´s try to see it from a different point of view. How have we taken care of ourselves until now? Have we paid attention to what our body, our soul need? And have we given it? Have we obeyed the first signs of disbalance or have we ignored it OR haven´t noticed at all? Maybe the whole situation is about a different thing – we let our body down, and we did it so long that it stopped working properly.

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How do we recognise that something in our life is not OK? That the balance or harmony is disturbed? It´s quite easy – our body is able to „tell“ us in which part of our life something is wrong. Our body can tell it by itself (if unbalance or disharmony lasts longer) or we can find out what is not completely OK through several exercises. When our body tells us what´s wrong, we can use „alphabet“ we have learned and „read“ what our body tries to tell us. If we don´t have any problems, then we can test ourselves whether somewhere something starts or not. Several simple exercises for particular parts of our body can tell us where the disbalance or disharmony starts. So we can „heal“ it before the real health problem starts.

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“Working with Janka, I found she was able to get to the important stuff quickly and effectively so I could understand how my health and my approach to life are connected. Her advice was useful and intuitive, and her suggestions were practical and understandable. After our time together, I was clear about what I could do to move myself forward in a way that suited me. She is a wonderful person and dedicated to giving great service – and for that, I am very grateful. Thank you, Janka!”
Alan P. Hill
Serial Entrepreneur, Property Investor, Business Coach & International Speaker
"Before meeting Jana, I was aware of the fact that all that is happening in my body is just a reaction to my emotion or situations in my life. I was looking for answers but as a busy mom, I was really struggling to find the answers I was looking for. Jana helped me to understand how it works and supported me when we got the health issues in our family. Directly after her advice, I follow her instructions, and already on the same day or one day later the results arrived. I am so blessed that I get the possibility to consult with her and avoid unnecessary conventional treatment. Thank you for this life-changing experience."
Katarina Labuda
Mentor & Coach for Mothers
"I had a "Pain relief session" with Jana for my knee pain. The knee pain started 35 years ago after the accident that required 10 surgeries on my knee. Every year I am still using a walking stick for several weeks because of knee pain. When those "Pain periods" come, my biggest challenge is to deal with fear for the future. Pain makes me think, what if I can't walk without a walking stick anymore? What if I need to do more surgery? Jana, your vast knowledge of Western medicine, Chinese medicine, Homeopathy, Alternative healing, Psychotherapy, Physiotherapy, etc.. is amazing. You are a very good listener too. Just in 1hour session, you managed to solve my problem - my fear of dealing with these "What if… It was true magic! What a wonderful, eye-opening session! I am not afraid anymore to have my "Pain periods" in the future! Thank you very much, Jana! Lots of love,"
Kako Komatsu
Graduate Gemologist (G.G. GIA)
Stone reader